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30 Sep September 30, 2012

Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for your Business

Best WordPress Theme - Our Web PresenceYou may be thinking: What I really need is a clean sharp WordPress website that attracts lots of traffic, is easy to navigate, is engaging to my users and is inexpensive to set up.

Well your right about that, if you want your small business to stand out on the web and accumulate valuable business. To make this really happen you will need to choose the powerful WordPress theme (template). You need to choose the best WordPress theme for your business.

When I decided to build a website for my family business called Kiteboarding Cairns – KBC, I was fortunate enough to purchase what I consider the best  WordPress theme for the job. This allowed me to build a professional website.  Not only was the theme excellent.  I had access to professional web support and loads of leading edge functionality. This has allowed my business to grow rapidly over the last 12 months. Without a doubt, I have chosen the best WordPress theme for my business presence to expand and flourish on the internet.

What I have discovered is that some themes are simply themes that make your website look nice, where as other themes have superb functionality to really transform your website into a web presence. So, lets take a look at the 5 essential functionalities required of  a WordPress theme to build a professional website and transform it into a powerful and dominating web presence.

SEO Tools

Best WordPress Theme - Our Web PresenceA WordPress Theme with built in SEO tools will get you ranking well in Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Provided you use the right techniques to optimise your web pages and blogs and provided you update your website with fresh and original content on a regular basis, you are on your way to climbing the search engine ranks at a great rate of knots.

Clean and Navigable Layout

A website that catches the users interest, is easy to browse through and is engaging to the user is a must.  The best WordPress theme will allow you to achieve this with every web page that you create.

Facebook Integration

Lets face it,  Facebook is taking off like there’s no tomorrow.  This social media application is where just about everyone meets to chat, share photos and stories and to connect with other new friends.  Having a business fan page is essential for getting your business name out there. Moreover, having an interactive fan page with website functionality will give your business an edge over your competitor.  The best WordPress theme for your  business will offer the ability to create your facebook business pages in WordPress itself.  The Smallbiz theme can export your fan page that is designed in WordPress directly to your fan page so that you can have a customised pages with tabs – just like a website.

 Mobile Capability

Best WordPress Theme|Our Web PresenceAs we all know, more and more people are turning to Mobile devices to search out their favourite sites and google their interests. Thousands of businesses are coming on board with this and creating applications and website pages specifically for mobile pages. The fact is that your website needs to be mobile ready.  People do not want to try and look at a webpage designed for a large screen while on their mobile device.  They really want to look at something simple and functional. A quality business theme will allow your website to detect mobile devices and bring up a mobile page for them.  This theme will also have the configuration tools on hand for you or your web consultant to build a mobile page at a low cost but without compromising quality.

Blogging Functionality

Lastly, but probably of the most importance is a blogging feature.  Google is constantly changing the rules that set sites ranking well.  As mentioned earlier, it is essential to supply original and fresh content to your site.  The best way to do this is to write regular blog articles.  These articles must be optimised with carefully selected keywords – words that will bring more traffic to your website.

Wrap Up

I hope I’ve given you something serious to think about if your about to kick off your business on line or if you need to give your business web presence a boost.  Please call me on +61487311753 or drop me a line if you have any questions or would like a free web assessment for you business.  I would love to help you make your business grow on line and become a dominant web presence.

Thats it for me

 Andrew Bamford –  Our Web Presence


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