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WordPress Home Page Updates

All development and updating of the home page in the Small Biz theme and Business Advantage theme are done through the WordPress widgets module.

What this means is that instead of updating the Home page through the Home page in the Pages Section of the Dashboard, it is all done using within the Widgets module in the Appearance menu.

Accessing the Home Page Layout

To access the Home page layout, do the following:

From the Appearance menu, click Widgets

This will open the widgets page. Once you are on the Widgets page you can scroll down the page to view the dropzone layout map.  This is an image that shows you the different drop zone positions or areas that you can drag widgets into on your home page.  Both the Small Biz theme and the Business advantage theme have dropzones for widgets.  However, each them has different layout options.

    Business Advantage Dropzone Map                                                          Small Biz Dropzone Map

drop zone

  smallbiz dropzone

 Widgets can be dragged and dropped in to each of the dropzones from the Available Widgets area.  These widgets will show up on the home page in the defined areas.  Here are some of the widgets available for home page and side bar display:

You Tube Video

This widget will display a You tube video.  You just need to make sure that the correct you Tube URL is placed in the defined field


Visual Editor

This widget is used for writing text and inserting images and video.  It is exactly the same thing as creating a page or post in WordPress, except it can be dragging into any area of the homepage that you decide you want it.


Image Widget

Upload your image into this widget and you can drag it into any dropzone that you like.


Slideshow widget.

As with all the other widgets, the slide show widget can be dragged into any of the dropzones.  Simply upload images into the slideshow widget and save them to that widget.  The slideshow widget is highly configurable with many slide show transitions and speeds available. This will be discussed in a later topic.

There are many other widgets available already within the Small Biz and Business Advantage themes, and its even possible to upload other types of widgets.  But the main widgets that we really are concerned about for creating a nice functional home page are the widgets identified above.