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14 Oct October 14, 2012

Get Your WordPress Website Up and Running In 3 Steps

WordPress Website - Our Web PresenceHi Everyone.  In this article I want to discuss the 3 key steps needed to build a WordPress website and get it working for your business on line.  The goal being to have a powerful WordPress website that attracts customers and clients and generates bookings and sales for your business.

So here are the 3 steps needed to kick start your business on the internet with a WordPress website.

1  Get a Web Host

The first thing you need to look for is a great web host. You need to find one that is reliable, stable, has a way to backup your website and has great support.  A good web host may also set you up with a free domain name.  If you prefer, you can pay for your own.  Picking a domain name is something that needs to be thought through carefully.  Picking a good name will help you a lot with your on line marketing.

There are some really great web hosts out there and I recommend Blue Host.  Blue Host will set you up with all you need to host your website for around 5 dollars a month.

2 – Build a WordPress Website

Once you have a web host, you can start to build your website.  You will be able to log into your web host and install WordPress.  This is where we start to get creative.  As I have mentioned in other articles, you will need to pick a WordPress theme.  This is a template that is used by WordPress to create a professional looking. highly functional, stable and secure website.  I use the SmallBiz theme. It offers excellent support and is constantly updated with new functionality.  Also, the guys that own it are really passionate about helping small businesses to grow.

So, once have WordPress and your WordPress theme installed, its time to build the website.  This may start off as a simple Website with the following:

If you are planning to launch something more complex, it may require a lot of planning and building.

On a further note, your website should be optimised for the search engines and also indexed by them.  Your website is now ready to be transformed into a powerful tool that will make your business grow.

3 – Build Your Web Presence

Stopping at just a website is not enough.  The goal is to get your business out there to  the right crowd. and to do this you need to build a web presence.  This is an ongoing process. So, this step never ends.  This is the step that builds your business on line and gets  Google traffic to your website and social media pages.  This is the step that engages your audience and keeps them captivated.

Building a web presence will take effort.  But it is well worth it in the long run.  My family business Kiteboarding Cairns has become an internet marketing success through building up a web presence.  Here are the key things you need to consider when building a web presence.

  • Website and basic SEO
  • Blogging – start taking the SEO to the next level
  • Social Media Integration – The big 3  Facebook, Google + and Twitter
  • Mobile Solution
  • Back Link Building
  • Optimised Video
  • Tracking your traffic

So as you can see, there are a number of factors that all need to be integrated together to get things right.  Please read my article on Building Web Presence in Stages to find out more on how to create web presence.



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One thought on “Get Your WordPress Website Up and Running In 3 Steps

  1. Thoughtful article Andrew, thank you! I agree about the hosting and endorse your recommendation for BlueHost. That 24/7 support is pretty fantastic!

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