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Our Story

Hi!  Andrew Bamford here.

Our Web Presence. Building Real Web Presence for Your Business

I am thrilled with just how successful my family kiteboarding business is. This is all because I have learned to build a great website and a strong web presence for it.

Creating a great web presence for my family kiteboarding business started with a friend of mine saying  ‘Have you thought about building a business website with wordpress?’  I knew I needed a website.  I had spoken with numerable people who were getting lots of bookings and traffic through their business website.  I really wanted to do the same thing for my new business.

So I thought to myself, “I will build a website for our new family business – Kiteboarding Cairns KBC“.  After all, I am computer savvy, having spent 8 years in the software industry as a software consultant.  Little did I realise that anyone with the right knowledge and guidance can build a strong web presence for their business.

I decided to look at wordpress.  I had seen a few wordpress websites and they looked really professional.  Not only that, some of them were ranking really well in google, generating lots of business.  So I googled wordpress and before I knew it I had a wordpress.com website up and running.  However, I soon ran into problems with my wordpress.com website as I noticed it was very limited in configuration options.

Soon after this I was advised by a fellow website developer that I might try to use wordpress.org rather than wordpress.com to configure my website.  I was told that I needed to get a reliable web host to look after my website, so I signed up to a monthly package, bought a domain name called Kiteboardingcairns.com.au and uploaded wordpress.

Hey presto!  I had a website. well, it was a website shell anyway.  Soon after this I discovered that there is more to web design than I thought.  I spent countless hours creating child themes for my website and trying to get it into shape by learning some HTML and CSS.

By chance I noticed a theme option in my wordpress dashboard called the ‘SmallBiz Theme‘.  It was a demo theme.  So I loaded it up and  ‘wow’ did it look sharp.  I thought to myself, I’ve got to have this theme, so for a small fee I purchased this  business theme and had a sharp website very quickly.
This was the beginning of what is now becoming a real web presence for Kiteboarding Cairns – Our Web Presence.

Kiteboarding Cairns – KBC has turned into an internet marketing success in less than one year. By far, the greatest majority of our customers are acquired. through our website.  So what are people doing to find us?  Alot of them are simply searching for  ‘Kiteboarding in  Cairns, and up we pop at the top of the page.  The really amazing fact is we have surpassed the local competition.  They have had the market to themselves for the last 10 years and now we rank above them!

Ranking well in Google has just been the beginning for us.  There are many more internet marketing opportunities that we are embracing such as:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Building Back links and online reviews
  • Using Google to its fullest potential
  • Mobile Websites
  • Blogging

Being part of an International Web Experts Group has been the most valuable thing I have acquired for building a successful businesses online.

In Summary

I am so excited that I have gained this knowledge. I now have all the tools I need at my fingertips to help make any small business an online success.  My vision is to share my knowledge with other businesses, using the skills and tools I have available. I am here to help transform your business into an internet marketing success.