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Setting up new users in WordPress

Creating new users in WordPressWordPress is a highly flexible content management system enabling you to minimise or maximise what different users can do in your website.

The beauty of the WordPress content management system is that you can set some one up as a user to write blogs or create new pages.  The user can be set with the rights to create a draft and then submit the draft page or post for review before it goes live. You don’t have to worry about people destroying your site, as you can set everything for review before it is approved and goes live

Each user type has specific user rights. To understand the different roles and capabilities of different users, please click here.

Creating the new User in WordPress

Once you are logged into WordPress (See our instructions on Logging in to WordPress) you will see the WordPress dashboard.  This is where all your website creation and manipulation is done.

  • Scan your eye down the right hand column of the dashboard and click Users. Fill in all of the fields on the Add New User form.
  • Create a User Name that is original (don’t use Admin)
  • Put the email address of the user in the email field so that the new user receives their login information.
  • For the website field, type in the actual name of the website.
  • Make sure that your password is complex enough so that you wont be hacked but also easy enough to remember.
  • Click Add New User




Thats all there is to it.  Now your new user will be able to login and contribute to the website within their defined roles and rights.