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27 Sep September 27, 2012

Managing your own Website

Wordpress Websites - Our Web PresenceHi Everyone,

Updating and Managing your website is super easy with some initial guidance and support, and if you have a user friendly web theme in place.

If your running a small business and are anything like me, then you’d probably prefer not to hire someone to do simple job that should only take a few minutes.  I hear this comment all the time.  “Ive just got a couple of little tweaks I need to make to my web page but I have to go and ask the web designer to update it for me”. And..I have heard of cases where people have needed to wait far too long just to get a simple job done that could be complete in a matter of minutes if they knew how to do it and the process was easy. Fortunately for everybody, this sort of stuff just doesn’t have to happen any more.

If you have  user friendly web software and have been shown just how easy it is to make those tweeks and adjustments from your web designer then you are ready to roll.

Picking the right software is essential.  That’s where WordPress has its place.  WordPress is very easy to update once you know how.  Writing blog articles, creating new web pages and updating existing pages can be achieved quite easily with the right training.  Of course new pages and blogs need to be optimised so that they rank well in Google, and you will need to get an expert in to set this up, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t write up the bulk of your article and save it to be finalised and optimised by the web designer /SEO Expert in Word Press.

So, if your ready to kick your website into action, get yourself a web designer that is willing to part with some knowledge and let you do the updating.  When you get your new website setup, ask for some training so that you can manage your website with confidence.

I’d just like to leave you with this thought. If you’ve got WordPress installed, you will need to pick a theme (template or layout).  Always choose a WordPress Theme that has great functionality and good support from the developers.  I use the SmallBiz Theme.  Its designed for small businesses, has amazing features and is inexpensive.

Anyway, call me or send me a message if you need some more guidance or you are keen to give your business some on line presence.  I would love to help you turn your business into an online success.

Thats all from me for now


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