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18 Feb February 18, 2013

Keyword Stuffing is Old School SEO

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Learn about Keyword rankingHi Everyone

So you have just built a website  and are ready to get ranking with Google? Maybe you have had your site a while and want to re-optimise it?   Like a tasty cheese, a good website takes a while to mature.

To rank well,  your website or blog  must be optimised so the content reads naturally and is high quality.

With that been said, today I am going  to discuss with you the biggest No -No in website optimisation – Keyword Stuffing or Spamdexing.

A Little bit Of Recent History On Google Keyword Ranking

keyword stuffingBefore  the  introduction of the  Panda and Penguin updates, blackhat SEO specialists would frantically stuff websites full of keywords  so that the site could be noticed by Google. Here are some of the techniques that these guys used and still use to supposedly get noticed by Google:

  • Filling up the meta tag keywords field
  • Hiding  the  keywords lists in the  same colour background
  • Creating big lists of the best keywords
  • Turning sentences into illegible mumbo jumbo by unnecessary repetition of keywords or keyword phrases.

As you can imagine, using this method meant a lot of the content ranking high in Google had become noticeably poor.

Now with the recent Panda and Penguin updates, Google has cracked down and is handing out  penalties by de-ranking those that are still using keyword stuffing.  Not everyone that does this has been picked up on yet by Google, but I think it will just be a matter of time before some people get a very unfortunate awakening. Suddenly see they are no longer on the  front page or anywhere else to be seen in the search results, because they have been spamdexing either intentionally or unintentionally.

In Summary

Let’s be careful to keep content sounding logical with smart placement of keywords and phrases.  Avoiding the over use of keywords in a page is wise.  A high quality blog article that takes a little longer to get noticed on in Google will be read and appreciated by many. It  will gain lots of comments and will be shared to gain backlinks.

Let’s create valuable content!

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