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06 Oct October 06, 2012

6 Techniques used to get good Google Rankings – SEO

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So you may have heard of the term SEO. This stands for search engine optimisation.  SEO is a technique  or process used to improve your visibility in the search results without having to pay.  That is, getting a good ranking in the organic ( natural) search results.  The beautiful thing about having good ranking in the organic results is that once its there, its easy to maintain or improve.

Anyway, when I started our  kiteboarding business – KBC, I knew we needed to get good Google rankings in the local search results if we wanted to get valuable bookings for our business.

Here are the main methods I use to get good Google rankings and how this business continues to improve its web presence.

The essentials good Google ranking

  1. Optimise our website pages
  2. Create back Links to credible sites
  3. Update our website with fresh content through blogging
  4. Use social media techniques such as Google +
  5. Set up Google Places and Yelp correctly
  6. Build reviews from sites such as Google Places

If you want good Google rankings, these SEO techniques are essential.  We really started to see the rewards once we linked all these techniques together.

 Google Rankings - SEO - OUr Web Presence

Building you Google Ranking in Stages

If you are starting out and thinking you need good Google rankings quickly, then the best approach is to get your web pages optimised with the right key words, get blogging with fresh content and get your business set up with an optimised Google Places page.

After you have this established, you can fine tune it even more with social media techniques, building more back links and ongoing reviews from your customers.

Wrapping it Up

Well, that’s it for now.  Just to sum it up.  If you’re using WordPress and you have a great theme, then you have all the ingredients to make it happen. The next thing is piecing it all together.

Please keep reading the blogs, because in the weeks to come I will be expanding on these 6 techniques to explain in more detail just how we have gone about applying them to make our business grow on line and how you can do exactly the same thing with your business.

If you need any help or need me to check something over for you, please call  or contact  me any time.  I would be happy to help out.

Check out our story on How Our Web Presence began.

Until Next time, all the best with your business success!

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