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30 Sep September 30, 2012

Why we need a Business Blog

Business Blog - Our Web PresenceHi there, its Andrew here from Our Web Presence.   In this article I am going to discuss with you an essential tool you will need if you want your business to dominate the local search results:  The Business Blog.

The reality is  that every business wanting a top website and striving to  gain strong web presence must update their website with fresh and original content regularly. The best way to do this is to write informative and original blog articles.  I’ve have been chatting with my fellow web experts from Expand2Web and together we have listed some essential reasons why businesses need a blog.

Key Advantages of having a Business Blog

Here are some of the key advantages of blogging on a regular basis:

  • Google will index your new WordPress article
  • Google identifies fresh and original content and will give you good ranking as a result
  • Blogging will build a powerful web presence if you link your blog articles up on your website
  • Blogging can create an interactive flow of articles in your website
  • People get used to reading your articles and start to value you as a trusted advisor
  • Vistors can see that your business is authentic
  • You are giving something away to the community

How often Should I write a Blog?

The answer here is ‘as much as you can”.  The more often the better.  Obviously we are all constrained other commitments, but  If you can publish a blog article least twice a month, you will build a strong web presence very quickly.

Getting someone to manage my Business Blog

These days its not difficult to manage your own website. However,a professional content manager for your website is a smart investment.  If you select one who knows their stuff, you should see some real results with you business web presence in a short amount of time.  A content manager should produce 1 or 2 professionally written blog articles (based on the notes you have provided) and also optimise these articles so that they rank well in Google.   Generally you are looking at investing around $100 – $150 a month to keep you content up to date and to advise you of the latest state of the art technologies you need to embrace.  A smart investment!

My Personal Experience with Blogging

Business Blog- Our Web PresenceMy first blog articles started with my family business- Kiteboarding Cairns. When I first built this website, our web presence was very small. Just a few web pages.  So I started to write blog articles.  Each article I wrote was on a particular aspect of kiteboarding.  There are so many thing that you can discuss, so I am never short of topics.

Anyway, every time I wrote a blog article I would optimise it with a well researched key word or phrase and I would internally link it through to the rest of my website. As time went by I started to build a nice list of articles.  The cool thing is that now, all of these articles are widely distributed.  They rank well with Google, are tweeted, are sent to my Facebook fans and friends, and they are posted to my email subscribers as a news letter.

I get some great feedback about my blog articles, with people saying they really appreciate the valuable knowledge I provide on line.  My blogging demonstrates to the community that I actually have a passion for what I am doing.  This has lead to ongoing customer relationships and a continuous flow of online bookings and sales.

If you want your business to grow online,  blogging is an excellent way to do this. Be sure to choose a good content management system and a great theme that supports blogging.

To Sum it all up

Having a blog personalises your business, showing everyone that its run by REAL PEOPLE.

Setting up a good blog is an essential stage in creating web presence for your business. It brings your personality to the forefront of your on line presence.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me through the website or call me if you need some ideas or advice on this topic. All the best with your business!

Andrew   Our Web Presence

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