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01 Oct October 01, 2012

Building Web Presence – How to do it in stages

Our Web PresenceHi Everyone.  Andrew here from Our Web Presence, and I would like to share some knowledge with you on how to build web presence using the staged approach.

As I have discussed in previous articles, kick-starting my business on line took the right knowledge and action.  When I first decided that my family business – Kiteboarding Cairns needed a website to attract on line bookings, I soon realised it needed more than just a humble website, it needed a web presence. At first I wasn’t sure how to create a web presence.  But, after lots of research and hard work I began to understand just how a powerful web presence is put together and how to piece it together effectively and efficiently.  Anyway, today I’m here to share with you this knowledge.  In particular I am here to make you aware of the fundamental web presence building blocks.

The fundamental Web Presence Building Blocks

Lets take a look at the key web presence building blocks you need to create an all encompassing web presence package.  Here is a list of what we believe are the key deliverables and the order in which they should be implemented.

  • Website and basic SEO
  • Blogging – start taking the SEO to the next level
  • Social Media Integration – The big 3  Facebook, Google + and Twitter
  • Mobile Solution
  • Back Link Building
  • Tracking your traffic

Lets take a closer look at these web components.

Website and Basic SEO

The reality is that you need to start with a website.  Your website should be be appealing to the eye, easy to navigate and intuitive.  Build something that the user enjoys browsing, and make it personal.  That way they will spend time looking over it.  Try to create a connection with the user through your writing.  You should also have your pages optimised with well researched key words or phrases so that it is prepared for good ranking with the search engines. I use wordpress to create professional business themes.


Once you have a website in place you need to start personalising the whole thing.  What better way to do it than to start publishing regular blog articles.  These articles should be consistent in their layout and professionally written.  You want your reader to appreciate that you are professional in all of your work.  A blog automatically tells a customer that there is a real person behind the website. The business blog is also your stepping stone to creating a web presence by demonstrating to Google and the other search engines that you have original content.  As with  your web pages, the blog must be optimised for SEO and contain internal links as well as links to other sites.

Nowadays small businesses are investing  a monthly fee to a professional content manager.  This ensures that their blog is used to build strong web presence.

Getting Social

So once you have the website and a blog up and running, its time to build up your social media fan base.  In my opinion, there are three main social media platforms that are great for getting your business out there.  These are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +

The biggest player of these three that everyone loves to go to is Facebook.  A professional looking Facebook fan page for your business will give your website that extra touch needed on line.  Also, once you have a substantial number of fans on Facebook, its very easy to send out valuable business information to these fans.  Of course, anything that gets sent out to your fans can end up spreading to their Facebook friends too.  So Facebook is a great way to distribute information about your business to the community.

If you’ve got a powerful WordPress theme such as the SmallBiz theme, your web designer can set up with a highly professional and fully customised Facebook fan page.

Building a Mobile Solution

The next thing on the list is a mobile landing page.  This needs to be simple and functional.   It is an important investment.  Most people will find it difficult to read a full screen size web page on a mobile devise.  A specifically designed mobile landing page is much more user friendly and will keep the user engaged in what you have to say.  To configure something like this should not cost too much if you go through a web designer who has access to good a WordPress Mobile Page builder.

Building Back Links

Back links to other websites are a great way to distribute an awareness of your site.  However, one of the important thing about building back links is that it gives you credibility with Google.  It demonstrates that people are interested in your website.  There are a number of methods of achieving this such as blogging or signing up to free advertising sites and citation sites.  Your SEO/Web Design Expert can help make this happen.

Tracking your Web Traffic

Do you know how much traffic your site gets, where the people are that come to your site and how they found your site?  These things are important. They help you to determine your market and where you can concentrate your internet marketing efforts.  By setting up Google Analytics (a web traffic analysing tool) or by obtaining a Google Analytics report from your web designer, you can gather valuable information to market yourself on line very effectively.

Wrapping it Up

So that wraps it up.  if you’re on a budget, the staged approach is the perfect way to get your business out there. Once  you have all of these fundamental phases implemented, you will have created a firm foundation on which you can create a top website and a powerful web presence.  This is the web system that will allow you to step up the mark and stand out from your competitors on line.  It will also give you the freedom to take control of your website.

OK.. that’s it for me for now, wishing you all the success you can get!  Please feel free to check out my article on How we started up or the About page.  Also, if you would like me to give you a free web assessment, please call me on +61487311753 or click here to contact us.

Andrew – Our Web Presence

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