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Hi I’m Andrew Bamford. Founder of Our Web Presence.  Our vision is to see  small businesses succeed through gaining powerful website presence. 

We are located in Cairns Australia - but our client base is global



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Interview with Don Campbell

Andrew Bamford, owner of KiteBoarding Cairns took an unconventional approach. In a world where 50% of businesses don’t have a website or online presence, he built his website first – before he even started his business! And he gets 95% of his booking from his website now as a result. More

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06 Sep

How Our Web Presence Began – KBC

I Learned How To Build a Great Website Hi!  Andrew Bamford here. I am thrilled with just how successful my family kiteboarding business is. This is all because I have learned to build a great website and a strong web presence for it. Creating a great web presence for my family kiteboarding business started with […]

20 Jul


I just want to share with you a little secret to getting seen on Google if you you are a local business.  Well, its not exactly a secret, but you would be surprised how many businesses that have websites aren’t doing it. INTRODUCING GOOGLE LOCAL – PERFECT FOR LAUNCHING YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS ONLINE

05 Mar

Welcome To Our Web Presence

Please Watch this One Minute Video Do you want your business to grow?   If you do, I suggest you watch this short one minute video. Hi Everyone and Welcome to Our Web Presence. Please watch this short one minute video to learn how your business can grow through online marketing. In this video Andrew […]

18 Feb

Keyword Stuffing is Old School SEO

Hi Everyone So you have just built a website  and are ready to get ranking with Google? Maybe you have had your site a while and want to re-optimise it?   Like a tasty cheese, a good website takes a while to mature. To rank well,  your website or blog  must be optimised so the […]

13 Feb

Are Cheap Websites Worth It?

Hi everyone, Ive just been doing a bit of research and have discovered that alot of people are on the search for a cheap websites. We all know the connotations that go with the word cheap.  Something cheap is usually associated with something of not such good quality.

14 Oct

Get Your WordPress Website Up and Running In 3 Steps

Hi Everyone.  In this article I want to discuss the 3 key steps needed to build a WordPress website and get it working for your business on line.  The goal being to have a powerful WordPress website that attracts customers and clients and generates bookings and sales for your business. So here are the 3 steps […]